CTP imagesetter

Heidelberg Suprasetter A105

A device meant for transfering a digital image directly to a printing plate with the usage of a laser beam.
Popularity is due to performance, high quality and fidelity.

  • plate format: 930 x 1,055 mm
  • performance: 12 plates/h


X-Rite i1Basic Pro 2

The most popular device on the printing market for colour measuring. Renowned for its precision, it is also used in the process of printer and computer screen calibration.


Proofing printer

EPSON Stylus Pro 7980

Geniune Epson inks and Heidelberg signed Fogra-certified proof paper account for the stability of proofing samples.
The device goes through periodic calibration and linearization using a X-Rite i1Basic Pro 2 spectrophotometer.
When replacing both ink and paper, the processes are repeated each time.

  • 8 base colours for the most faithful reproduction of colours
  • print resolution: 2.880 x 1.440 DPI
  • prints according to Fogra39L proofing standard, very faithful simulation of colours according to ISO 12647-2:2007 standard



Heidelberg Speed- master CD 102 6+LX2 (2015/2017)

Our six-colour printing machines come from Heidelberg, our long-term partner and market leader in printing. The newest was launched in December 2016.
The actual performance of our presses, is more than 2 million pcs of packaging or over 6.5 million labels for high-volume orders, in one 8-hour shift.

  • 6 colours + dispersion coating
  • performance: 15 000 sheets/h
  • maximum sheet format: 720 x 1020 mm (B1), minimum: 340 x 480 mm



Heidelberg Prinect Image Control Gen. III (2017)

Our machines work under the supervision of the newest revision of the Heidelberg Prinect Image Control system, which provides active control of colour fidelity in prints according the the proof. It is also responsible for the adjustment of machine settings, in accordance with a specified printing standard (e.g. ISO 12647-2:2007 used by our company).

  • first installation of generation III in Poland and among the first in the world
  • scans the sheet in approx. 50 million points for the best colour reproduction possible
  • ~20 seconds from initiation of the scan to in-machine setting corrections


Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 ZP 2+L

Dedicated UV coating (by offset) solution enables efficient and extremely faithful varnish pattern application. In the case of spot varnishing, a photopolymer plate is used for greater precision.

  • performance: 7 000 sheets/h
  • maximum sheet format: 720 x 1020 mm (B1), minimum: 340 x 480 mm


Perfecta 115 TVC
& Polar 78 ES

German Perfecta and Polar devices are known for their reliability and have a range of ease-of-use solutions for the operator: from air tables facilitating the positioning of the sheet through, through the ability to memorise cutting programs for individual jobs to protection against the threat of injury.
These machines allow for quick and accurate cutting of labels.

  • maximum width of cut sheet:
    1,150 mm/780 mm
  • processed material: paper, solid board, foil



IMG Brausse 1050 SF/SEF

Hybrid technology from IMG Brausse - part of the Swiss Bobst Group, the market leader in die cutting and hot-stamping technology. Thanks to the ready-made mounting plates for hot-stamping dies jobs can be completed very quickly. Our machines are equipped with a blank stripping module. Due to all these solutions, the turnaround time is significantly reduced and the quality of our products is fully satisfactory.

  • performance: 7500 sheets/h
  • maximum sheet format: 750 x 1050 mm (B1), minimum: 360 x 400 mm
  • die-cutting and embossing with the use of hot-foil stamping or without
  • processed material: paper (80 g/m2), solid board (up to 1600 g/m2) and corrugated board (4 mm thick), plastic (polyethylene, polypropylene - up to 0.6 mm thick)



Kohmann F-1100/2 Universal II

A window-patching machine, created with performance (double stream operation) and high precision (up to 1 mm accuracy in window placement) in mind.
Computer control ensures high quality and a quick job start and finish. Double blank control and an anti-static device prevents unplanned interruptions in production.

  • performance: up to 72 000 windows/h
  • blank dimensions: from 100x80 mm to 1020x1120 mm
  • window dimensions: from 60x30 mm to 720x840 mm
  • window thickness: from 0,03 to 0,3 mm
  • processed material: solid board (from 200 to 2000 g/m2), corrugated board (to 6 mm thickness)



IMG Brausse TB 1100-C3

Desirable due to the intelligent control system, transmission belts and adhesive system, which is characterised by accuracy, thus providing reproducible and clean gluing.

  • the speed of conveyor belts is up to 325 m/min, the actual performance is dependent on the type of blanks
  • blank dimensions: 145 x 55 mm - 1100 x 1100 mm
  • straight-line, double-wall, crash-lock bottom boxes
  • processed material: solid board (from 800 g/m2), corrugated board (up to "E" flute)