Company history

GOLDEN YEARS – continued

This year represents another milestone in the development of the company. In April, an investment was finalized, which covered the expansion of the production potential and addressed the increasing need to control and maintain the high quality of our products. The purchase of a new six color Heidelberg offset printing machine, coupled with a renowned automatic quality control and printing adjustment system known as Heidelberg Prinect Image Control, has been combined with the modernisation of our CTP studio ‘from scratch’. The summer brought a change of the legal form of the company to a general partnership, while our headquarters transferred to the city of Poznan.

Golden years

The years from 2014 onwards mark a period of largest investments for the company. 2014 specifically brought the construction of a new warehouse and the purchase of a new two stream Kohmann window patching machine, making it possible to partake in the premium packaging market, aiming towards the most promising trends.

Wind of change

The unexpected arrival of the economic crisis in 2008 and the transformation of the advertising market (related to technological progress) signified a constant increase in the requirements facing Polish printers. Those who could successfully navigate in this new reality have reached new heights. Many companies however, were unable to withstand such a difficult, fast pace. Drukarnia Impresta coped with the destabilisation of the market, due to constant adaptation to changing circumstances.

Development in the EU

Another period of dynamic change in our company came together with the Polish accession to the European Union in 2004, when new opportunities and challenges arose. The opening of borders and new possibilities brought by EU grants enabled a release of previously unattainable potential determined to test Polish entrepreneurship and the resourcefulness of local business owners. Despite moderate success in obtaining these funds, Impresta Printing Company continued it's course on the path of growth.

Founding of the company

Drukarnia Impresta, as a supplier of packaging and labels, has been operating continuously on the market for over 25 years - almost exactly since Poland arrived at the doorstep of the Free Market. The firm was founded by Tadeusz Rybczyk in Czerwonak near Poznan, Poland, functioning as a civil partnership. In the space of a few years (in response to the turbulent and highly competitive times) the company was converted into a sole proprietorship and remained under this form until July 2015.

All of these steps have lead to unprecedented leaps in quality and performance. We are optimistic about the future, seeing great potential and favourable prospects for the development of both the entire printing industry as well as our company.